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New content coming September 1! image

New content coming September 1!

by Chrixeleon in Catlateral Damage / News

Hey everyone! 

I've been working on some new content over the past couple of months and will be pushing it all live on September 1st! First up, here's a sneak peek of some new objects that will be showing up in different levels: 

I've been showing off more about these throughout August on Twitter and Facebook, so check those out to see more! 

Along with new objects, there will also be a few new features: 

  • New Objective Mode scoring 
  • Ability to save levels (seeds) and replay them in Litterbox Mode 
  • Japanese localization 
  • More bug fixes (crouch bug, blocked room issues) 
  • Minor tweaks/additions (shortcut to toggle fullscreen/windowed, better UI on options for changing resolution)

As always, thanks for playing, reporting issues, and just being a great community!



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